Surge Protection - Signal

Surge Protection


Transmitters and sensors are widely used in highly exposed areas, where lightning damage is common. Emerson Network Power’s Signal Line products guard sensitive instrumentation against what we refer to as "back-door" transients.

The Edco FAS-TEL-DOT is a single pair telephone protector that implements an advanced three-stage hybrid design. This unit addresses over-voltage transients with gas discharge tubes (GDT) and silicon breakover devices.
The Edco CAT6-POE Series is designed to work on Category 6 Power-Over-Ethernet transmission line applications.
Provides isolated power loop circuit protection in applications where higher current is required, such as fire alarm and security systems. Non-degrading SADS will last the lifetime of equipment, ensuring uptime.
Suppressor specifically designed to protect electronic instruments used by the water/wastewater industries.
The Edco SLCP Series are four-wire modules designed to protect signaling line circuits (SLC). The device has 0 oh​ms of resistance and offers line to ground protection.
Employs three-stage hybrid technology to address overvoltage transients and sneak and fault current for phones, data/communication lines and transmitters.
Designed to protect two pairs of wires specifically for alarm and security systems where operating currents can be as high as 5 Amps.
Four-pair telephone/data line protectors that implement advanced two stage hybrid design. These units address over voltage transients with silicon breakover devices, while sneak and fault currents are mitigated with PTC technology, which consists of solid state resettable fuses.
Specifically designed for lightning protection on closed circuit TV systems.
This product is designed to protect coaxial cable TV signal lines from lightning transients.
Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) that address over-voltage transients with a primary Gas Discharge Tube (GDT), and secondary Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) components.
The Edco CP-24 Series is designed to protect DC power directly at CCTV cameras.
Surge protectors designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to excessive voltage or currents generated by lightning or static build-up.
Suppressor kit intended for installation with electrical switching devices that are connected through a relay contact on typical access control panels.
Multi-stage single-pair or two-pair surge suppressors designed for high exposure applications.
Modular device intended for use on traffic control load relay outputs.
Designed for any traffic controller cabinet equipped with 6-position, 5.08mm spacing sockets wired in line with load relay outputs.
Designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as traffic controllers, from high energy surges.
Three-circuit protective device intended for use on traffic control load relay outputs.
Addresses over voltage transients on both Common and Differential modes with state-of-the-art silicon breakover devices.
The Edco SRA16C-1 is a three terminal device, two of which are connected across the signal inputs of the detector for differential mode protection, and the third is grounded to protect against common mode damage.
Multi-stage hybrid suppressors address over-voltage transients with gas tube and silicon avalanche technology.
Combines highly reliable, non-degrading Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology, along with high energy gas tube protection.
The Edco SHAS Series Highway Lighting Protector is a smaller version of the popular Edco SHA Series. It easily fits into a 3" x 5" hand hole and incorporates the use of TMOVs (MOVs with a thermal cutoff) and an LED.