Edco TCS-HW Series (with NTI Technology)

Edco TCS-HW Series
(with NTI Technology)

Two-Stage Protection For ANSI/IEE c62.41 Location Category A Apps

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The Edco TCS-HW Series TVSS features a two-stage design that provides superior protection for sensitive equipment and for ANSI/IEE c62.41 Location Category A applications. Utilizing bipolar Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology, the Edco TCS-HW Series can be incorporated into larger power protection or used as point-of-application protection. Hardwired into a single 15- or 20-amp AC circuit, the Edco TCS-HW Series places protection at, or near, the critical load. The field-tested design ensures continuous protection in the most demanding environments with configuration available for 120 and 240VAC, single-phase applications.

  • Includes remote status indication with RJ11 jack.
  • Provides superior, non-degrading protection using bipolar SAD technology
  • Protects individual circuits
  • Provides independent secondary stage for maximum continued protection
  • Installs easily and uses a small amount of space
  • Withstands demanding environments with its rugged metal enclosure
 Part Number TCS-HWD TCS-HWR
Nominal Line Voltage 240 V 120 V
Max. Continuous Line Voltage 264 Vrms 132 Vrms
Nominal Clamping Voltage †  424 Vpk 216 Vpk
Protection Modes L-N


Peak Pulse Energy Dissipation

L-N: 560 J
L-G: 140 J
N-G: 140 J

L-N: 300 J
L-G: 75 J
N-G: 75 J

 Max. Transient Current (8/20m) L-N: 32 kA
L-G: 8 kA
N-G: 8 kA
L-N: 32 kA
L-G: 8 kA
N-G: 8 kA
Technical Specification
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