Knurr SmartCAT5 KVM Switch


Knurr SmartCAT5 KVM Switch

KVM Devices used to Control up to 16 Computers

Knurr SmartCAT5 KVM switches support up to 16 computers and enable the control and operation of all servers with just one keyboard, one monitor and one mouse. The units prevent cable setups for server to server connections from becoming too complex, ensuring better server administration and reducing cable-related issues. Smart CAT5 switches provide various KVM administration options, such as onscreen display and serial or hotkey monitoring.
  • KVM switch for controlling up to 8/16 computers
  • Access to servers up to 30 m away per port with CAT5 cable
  • Space-saving with just 1 HU installation height
  • Selection and control of up to 8 servers via an easy to use on-screen user interface on the monitor
  • The RIC module is connected to the keyboard, monitor and mouse outputs of the respective computer and provides failure-safe access to the computer with the keyboard/mouse emulation
  • The RICs are connected with the switch via a CAT5 cable
  • Multi-platform capable RICs (in accessories range) enable the combination of PCs, SUNs and devices with USB interface
  • The keyboard and mouse emulation for fault-free operation with interrupted connection cable is integrated in the RIC

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