Knurr Serial Console Server SX KVM Switch


Knurr Serial Console Server SX KVM Switch

KVM Devices used to Control up to 10,000 Servers

Knurr Serial Console Server SX KVM switches enable IT employees to safely monitor and control all serial equipment at all times and from anywhere. The switches provide secure and scalable solutions for servers, WAN equipment, and other devices.


Enables central administration of all users, servers and IT equipment, including:

  • Servers and headless servers: Sun Solaris®, Sun Cobalt®, HP-UX®, UNIX®, Linux servers, IBM®/AIX® servers, Windows® 2003 servers
  • WAN equipment ISDN terminal adapter, channel banks, CSU/DSU, PBX/PABX
  • Network equipment Routers, Ethernet switches, Ethernet firewalls, Ethernet load balancer
  • Power management All serial controlled power strips and UPS equipment

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