Knurr Paragon II KVM Switch


Knurr Paragon II KVM Switch

KVM Devices used to Control up to 10,000 Servers

Knurr Paragon II KVM switches enable control for up 10,000 servers by as many as 64 users. The units allow users to stack up to 128 ports per switch, reducing costs and ensuring optimal space use. The units also provide operating convenience, security and video quality for easy data center administration.

Area of Application

“Non blocked” access – Up to 64 users receive direct access to up to 10,000 servers.


  • Each master switch can also be expanded by 128 ports via slave equipment.   

Subsequent advantages:

  • Reduced cable requirement between Paragon II units.
  • Reduces investment costs by more than 30%.
  • Reduces the space in the server rack and the required HVAC resources by a third.

A Paragon system consists of at least three components. All components are connected with one another with a category 5 E cable.

Master Unit (P2-UMTxxxxM)

  • A secure, intelligent and “nonblocked” control unit for connecting users and servers. Its stackable architecture enables an extremely high port density, which is why this switch is ideally suited for large data centers.

User Station (P2-UST)

  • Connects each user console (keyboard, monitor, mouse) with the master unit and   consequently provides computers with user interface.

Computer Interface Module (P2CIM)

  • Connects each computer with the master unit and delivers dedicated “keep-alive”   keyboard/ mouse emulation and failure-safe server access.


Stacking Unit (P2-UMTxxxxS)

  • The cost-effective and space-saving expansion unit with which the KVM system can be expanded to up to 128 ports without any difficulty with maintenance of a “non-blocked” access, whereby 90% less cable per switch is required. The stacking units are compatible with the Paragon II models, UMT832M and UMT1664M.

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