Knurr IP Reach IP Extended


Knurr IP Reach IP Extended

Equipment for Easy Access to Servers Connected to KVM Switches

Knurr IP Reach IP extended units allow users to quickly and easily access servers connected to a KVM switch. The IP Reach can be connected to outputs for keyboard, monitor and mouse of a server or to a KVM switch, and the units use high-performance, real-time, video-digitalized and video compression algorithm, with which the video signal is received, digitalized and compressed and then transmitted to a remote PC. . The remote user has the ability to directly access and fully control the destination server.
  • Server control from inside and outside a building
  • Central administration of servers in branch offices
  • Provides remote support for global data centers
  • Problem-free, reconfiguration and restart of servers from your home
  • Provides convenient and secure lights-out server administration

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