KVM Switches

Racks and Integrated Cabinets
KVM Switches

Equipment used to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse.

Switches that combine IP access via web browser on KVM and serial device management in one device.
Switches that allow users to control four PCs from one keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
Switches that enable control for up 10,000 servers by as many as 64 users.
Units that provide centralized control and administration of multiple servers.
Units that provide centralized control and administration of multiple servers via IP technology.
Units that allow users to quickly and easily access servers connected to a KVM switch.
Secure switches in the enterprise class that combine analogue switching with the high performance KVM via IP technology.
Equipment that integrate high-grade network and system management, traffic analysis, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, asset management and reporting functionalities in an easy to set up appliance.
Switches that enable users to safely monitor and control serial equipment from remote locations.
Switches that support up to 16 computers and enable the control and operation of all servers with just one keyboard, one monitor and one mouse.

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