Knurr Smaract 19" Compact Rack IP54, with glass door


Knurr Smaract 19" Compact Rack IP54, with glass door

Compact Server Racks for Network Equipment in Industrial Environments

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Smaract stands for a  practical total concept with extremely low spatial demands.  Component mountings are enable across 2 19" T- slots. Ideal utilization for network equipment, telecommunications and sensitive equipments in an industrial environment.
  • Knurr offers Smaract with triangular aluminium basic rack and frame with protect rating IP 54.
  • This rack filled all charecteristics from Smaract EMC and is also the same.
  • Same charecteristics are protecting components against spray water from all directions and protecting against elecromagnetic radiation effects.
  • Ideal compact rack depending on installation heights, rack heights, rack depths with 600mm or 800mm, rack width with 600mm, 19" components and cable management.
  • Accessiblity: Access from all sides is a central element of the rack design. Hence opening entire frame in few seconds.
  • Handling and Stiffness: Low weight and more stiffness with a rugged aluminium basic rack.
  • Double Protection: One rack, two usages. Merged characteritics of EMC and IP54 racks.
  • More Flexibility: Flexible assembly of components and having options for diverse rack measures. Smaract series are modularly expandable and rich in impressive detailed solutions. According to charecteristics, stacking racks is viable.
  • Cable management: Guaranteed as compact rack an order and space- saves cable routing. Adaption to the installation site, cable routing selectable with an extensive range of accessory components.
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