Knurr atLock Swing Handle


Knurr atLock Swing Handle

Intelligent Physical Access Management Solutions for Miracel Racks

Knurr@Lock swing handles provide intelligent physical access management solutions for Miracel racks. The units allow conventional keys to be replaced by electromechanical locking components. The units have a servomotor that pull retaining awls back and release the handle. The swing handles can be quickly and easily upgraded to locking systems, and the handles allow for convenient administration of access authorizations.
  • The swing handle opens after a registered transponder card has been read
  • With the HID variant, the communication between swing handle and PC runs via a junction box and a server
  • The IP swing handle, by contrast, is configured via an IP address and is connected directly via the network to the PC
  • Up to 2,048 HID cards per swing handle can be configured using a registered master card
  • Configuration of the cards via the network is also possible with the @lock PC software
  • The order of minimum one desktop reader, a number of key cards and the software is recommended
  • The HID variant is recommended for bigger installations and would require the order of HID network junction boxes and one or more @lock servers
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