Knurr atLock Desktop Reader


Knurr atLock Desktop Reader

Equipment for Convenient Keycard Management

Knurr@Lock desktop readers provide a convenient way to manage key cards. The units are connected via the RS-232 interface with the PC on which the administration software is installed.
Transponder cards can be read into administration software using desktop readers, enabling configuration in the access media system.
  • Power supply: via an external plug-in power supply, 12V (DC)
  • Nominal current: 80mA (DC)
  • Max. power consumption: 200mA (DC)
  • Main board interface: RS 485 cable (A, B, GND, +12V), max. length to the next gateway 5m
  • PC interface: RS 232 cable (RXD, TXD, DTR, RTS, GND, +12V), RJ 45 plug, 8-pole
  • Network interface: X-Port, RJ 34 plug, 8-pole
  • Memory space for tasks: Max. 10 x 250 tasks
  • Memory space for events: Max. 100 events
  • Max. number swing handles: 250 units
  • Integ. real-time clock: With buffering up to 60 min at 25ºC
  • @lock PC software is required

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