Liebert UCS 24x7


Liebert UCS 24x7

Precision Cooling System For Mission- Critical Electronic Equipment

Emerson Network Power's precision air conditioning systems are designed to cool electronic equipment. Their high sensible heat ratio and continuous-duty design makes them ideal for an array of applications, from small computer rooms and closets to large data centers and technology rooms. They include a number of features that simplify and reduce installation cost, making them almost always a more effective and cost-efficient choice for cooling solutions.

The High Performance UCS 24x7 unit is ideally suited to the cooling of many important installations including:

  • Critical Server Rooms
  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Industrial Process Control Rooms
  • Broadcast Facilities
  • Building Services Control Rooms
  • Surveillance & Monitoring Centers
  • Medical Equipment Installations
  • High Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR) The UCS 24x7 range offers SHR's up to 92% compared to around 60% for a comfort type air-conditioner. As almost all the load in an equipment room is sensible heat the UCS 24x7 performance is dedicated to cooling this specific type of heat
  • High Energy Efficiency With high SHR's and the use of innovative compliant Scroll compressors and optimized motor and coil selections, the UCS 24x7 represents the leading edge in energy efficiency
  • Virtual Humidity Control As a by-product of its high SHR, the UCS 24x7 unit can maintain humidity levels in the space which minimize the potential for static shock damage of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control The control system on the UCS 24x7 unit offers many advantages over a standard comfort type controller
  • LED indication of operating modes and set points
  • Under Flow The under floor UCS 24x7 supplies conditioned air from the bottom of the unit. Room air is returned to the top of the unit. This is the optimum design for air circulation in an equipment environment.
  • Industrial Grade Quality The UCS 24x7 unit is designed for continuous operation in an industrial environment offering long life and easy serviceability
  • Small Footprint No side access is required for servicing and maintenance, so units can positioned next to each other, other equipments or walls. All servicing can be carried from the front wall
  • High Reliability Quality equipments have been used throughout and careful consideration given to the service requirements of long life components ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Remote Condenser The UCS 24x7 is factory matched to a Liebert aluminium frame remote condenser, minimizing the flow space requirement in the conditioned area.
  • High Level Filtration Filters capable of filtering air up to 5 micron level - filtration efficiency 95% protecting electronic equipment from dust bridging of component
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