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ASCO's Custom Applications offer maximum flexibility to meet user's requirements. In the Selective Load System, the system allows one load at a time to be operated when normal power fails. The system uses the minimum amount of auxiliary power for operation so the alternate power source can be sized for only one load at a time. The selective load system can be designed to handle any number of loads in any combination of sizes to suit the customer's needs. The only interface between the ASCO selective load system and the load controls comes in the form of power cables. The system can be used with any electrical load application where only one load out of a number of loads are to be operated from the alternate power source at one time. A typical application is with multiple banks of elevators when there is a need to operate only one elevator at a time to operate under emergency conditions. The system can also be supplied with a separate control panel, which allows loads to be selected from a remote location.

In a Transfer Switch With Distribution System, the transfer switches can be provided with normal and emergency circuit breakers for overcurrent protection, and any combination of distribution circuit breakers, bolted pressure switches, or fusible disconnect switches.

Other custom applications such as transfer switches with bottom bus risers, or transfer switches in an outdoor enclosure are also available.
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  • Maximum flexibility to meet users' requirements
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