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ASCO Series 185P Standby Transfer Load Center

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The ASCO 185P Standby Transfer Load Center is a completely integrated package suitable for Residential applications. The 185P incorporates the Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch with microprocessor controller. A Square D QO Load Center to accept branch circuit devices. And optional transient voltage surge suppression for protection of loads.

The ASCO Series 185P provides all the intelligence to automatically start your generator when the utility fails and transfer critical loads to standby power.

Available with 125 amp rating 120/240 VAC, 60Hz single phase, 3 wire.

The load center includes a 20 – position sub panel to facilitate ease of installation and maintenance.
Product Features

  • Residential Load Center is listed UL 67
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Rated 125 Amperes is listed to UL 1008 for optional standby systems
  • True double – throw contacts eliminate simultaneous connection to utility and generator
  • Test switch with time delay bypass option
  • Convenient terminals to connect neutral and ground conductors from service and load feeders
  • Generator exerciser timer
  • All components are pre – wired and factory tested for easy installation
  • Space saving modular design provides easy access and one – source service installation
  • Available in Type 1 indoor (steel) enclosure
  • Square D QO Load Center (branch breakers by others)
Optional Accessories

Kit Accessory Description
K373314 AAuxiliary Switch Position Contact Kit 14A/14B, 100-230A
(Note: 14A/14B Contacts are included on 400A products)
K732212-003 Strip Heater Kit For Type 3R Series 185 Enclosures, 100 Watt, For Use In Condensing Humidity Environments
K871966-002 Single Remote Annunciator With Connectivity Module Package 72R (Annunciator mounts flush or surface on standard 4" electrical wall box)
K752139 SQ D Surge Breaker Secondary Surge Arrestor1.
Plug on design requires two pole spaces
LED indicates operational status. Available as a plug - in - kit only for customer installation.

1 Surge protection devices will protect against electrical power surges caused by lighting or the electric utility for “major household appliances”, but not sensitive electronic equipment. Electronic equipment may need additional protection by installing plug – in – TVSS devices at the point of use.
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