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ASCO 7000 Series Power Control System

Intelligent and Advanced
Multiple-Engine Mission Critical 
Power Control System

The ASCO 7000 Series Power Control System is the world’s most intelligent and advanced multiple-engine power control system.

It can be custom engineered to meet today’s specific requirements for a wide range of emergency power applications from industrial/commercial to large healthcare and business-critical facilities.

FeaturesStandard Integrated Features:
  • 115-600V, 3-phase, 4-wire, 100% neutral, 25% copper ground bus,  50/60 Hz, AC system
  • UL 1558 construction, listing and labeling
  • Master control: 12” color touch screen operator interface panel
  • Generator PLC redundancy
  • Two manual paralleling provisions
  • Load control for up to 128 power transfer switches/circuit breakers
  • Load demand and bus load optimization controls
  • No traditional (external) load share components are required
  • Modbus/RTU and Mobus/TCP communications between power transfer switches and SCADA system
  • Event log and historical data trending
Custom Configuration Design Options:
  • Up to 10,000A silver plated main bus with up to 200kAIC bracing level for four cycles
  • Generator breaker frame  size – up to 5000A
  • Enclosure types: NEMA 1; NEMA 3R
  • Bus duct risers up to 6000A
  • Top or bottom conduit entry
  • Unlimited number of engine generators for parallel operation
  • Color touch screen panels for the generator controls
  • Master PLC redundancy:  Hot standby or hot standby synchronized
  • 42-in. LCD graphic display panel – integrated into the switchgear line-up and/or stand alone - wall mounted
  • Two types of the remote annunciation panels available (LED or touch screen type)
  • Remote annunciators available to provide key data at other locations in the building or local campus
  • Any specified circuit breaker brand
  • Electrically and/or manually operated distribution circuit breakers
  • Building management system communications via Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP interface 
  • Internet/intranet connectivity via ASCO Terminal Server
  • Extended switchgear warranty – up to 5 years

Our Innovative Design and Development Engineering Team
Our team is a carefully selected combination of experienced engineers with decades of accomplishments and advanced degrees, and the most recent college graduates in power engineering. As one team, they successfully apply cutting-edge technology to research, develop and quickly implement new paralleling switch-gear/power switching and controls solutions. ASCO’s state-of-the art large power laboratory allows new equipment prototype and performance testing under real conditions. This helps qualify designs under listing agency standards.

Dependable Project Management
More than 20 regional project managers are accountable for the total satisfaction of customers–electrical contractors, owners, construction managers, consulting engineers, engine-generator dealers, channel partners and others. He ensures that all of his projects are completed accurately, on time and meet the quality standards expected by his customers at each stage–submittals, approvals, all drawings, changes, deliveries, inter-faces, start-ups, etc.

Our Professional Product Management
Each ASCO Power Switching and Controls product line has a dedicated manager experienced in power switching and control design and applications engineering. They also know how to develop products that respond to evolving customer needs so they can effectively drive our design teams to create the next-generation of PCS switchgear technology, ensuring our continued market leadership. Knowledgeable Applications Engineering and Sales Forces are large enough to cover all regions nationwide and internationally. Applications engineers are well-trained, highly-skilled and ready to satisfy your particular power control requirements. Every member of the applications engineering team provides technical support and quotations for any power switching and controls product regardless of voltage class, product type or application.

Best-in-the-Industry Field Service
ASCO services and solutions are provided by more than 100 skilled technicians who properly maintain and test power control systems and transfer switches coast to coast. Emergency service is dispatched and technicians are available 24/7 in most areas. Fully stocked ASCO vans support them during on-site visits, including switchgear startups.

PCS Switchgear Design Supports Reliable Operation
  • Dedicated Master Controls send engine start signals to generators and provide load management within entire emergency power system. In the event the Master PLC fails, the master controls will still issue engine start signals allowing all loads to be energized by closing breakers manually or by initiating ATS’s transfer automatically
  • Master PLC Redundancy is available for hot  standby or hot standby synchronized
  • Two Manual Paralleling Provisions are a touch screen with a synchroscope and additional push-buttons mounted on the Master Section door
  • Best Battery System circuitry selects the best DC source among the generator starting batteries to provide regulated control power to the Master and all Generator controls, including PLC’s (even during engine cranking). Also, any engine battery can feed the paralleling circuit breaker shunt trip if that engine battery has failed
  • Priority Load Control automatically adds load to the generator bus as generators come online, and shed load as kW load capacity de-creases. Loads are added in an optional stepping fashion to minimize transients on the engine generator and the system bus
  • Manual Load Shed Bypass allows operator to manually re-add previously shed load via push-buttons. In the event of operator error, the controls will protect the power system – subsequent overload will automatically re-shed load detected by bus under frequency
  • Bus Load Optimization allows automatic shed block(s) of load shedding when any generator online fails to prevent overloading of remaining generators and re-add loads to the system bus according to  their priority value and a prescribed user selectable sequence
  • Generator Controls can be designed within dedicated individual generator sections or dual generator sections. In both approaches, the controls enable generator PLC redundancy – if one generator PLC fails the second generator PLC takes over. The generator PLC provides engine start/stop, cranks the engine, monitors engine alarms and shutdowns and controls the paralleling breaker
  • Multiple (Master OIP type) Touch Screens are available for the generator controls
  • Firewalled Communication facilitates communication with building management monitoring networks via Ethernet data and/or Concentrated (Gateway PLC) Modbus
OptionsNo options available for this product.
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Our comprehensive service portfolio extends beyond routine maintenance to include solution upgrades and technology training that ensure you get the most from your emergency power systems.

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