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ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet  Module (Acc. 72EE)

Connectivity Module for Remote Monitoring and Control

The ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module offers remote monitoring for the New Series 300 Transfer Switches with a Group G Controller and an optional Digital Power Meter, Catalog No. 5210. The integrated dashboard web pages can easily be retrieved by any computer or mobile device on the network. The secure and password protected web pages can be used for remote transferring and re-transferring of the New Series 300 Transfer Switches.  

Product Features

  • Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports allow the 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module to function as an Ethernet switch for increased networking versatility and access.
  • Embedded web accessible dashboards are designed to be viewed from both mobile devices and computers running different browsers and operating systems.
  • Dashboards for transfer switches equipped with metering options will display: switch status, alarms, event log, real-time power, energy & demand, statistical information and transfer switch configuration.
  • Transfer switches can be transferred and re-transfered remotely from the password protected dashboards.
  • Thee levels of password protection and AES-128 Bit Encryption for secure remote access.
  • Remote monitoring with the open protocols; Modbus/TCP and Simple Network Monitoring Protocol.
  • Supports multiple, simultaneous web, SNMP and Modbus clients.
  • E-mail alerts for alarm notification.
  • Used with ASCO’s 5300 Series remote annunciators for a wall or panel mounted monitoring solution.
  • Works with ASCO’s 5700 and 5900 Series PowerQuest Critical Power Monitoring Systems for immediate status monitoring and compiling the historical data of ASCO's transfer switches and meters.
  • Can be used with ASCO’s 5160 or 5600 Series Remote Connectivity Units for long-haul and high speed applications with redundant networking infrastructure capabilities.
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