AC Power Transfer Switches for Outside Plant

Outside Plant

AC Power Transfer Switches

Units that combine several power equipment functions into one shelf.
Full-service power transfer pedestals that are used for outdoor electronic equipment closures. Power Transfer Switch pedestals are co-located with active electronic closures in telecommunication networks to provide AC power transfer and Surge Protection.
Space-saving cabinets that integrate different power cabinet functions into one solution. Includes the following models: Side-by-Side, AC, Telco, CS & CAC.
Units that integrate power distribution and TVSS equipment into one solution.
Cabinets that are used for indoor and outdoor telecom applications.
Cabinets that integrate generator receptacles, load centers, surge suppression and telco demarcation into one unit, saving space.
NetSpan Integrated FTTx Solutions
NetSpan Solutions provide a comprehensive range of fiber distribution hubs (FDH) and pedestals that allow you to maximize your copper network through hybrid solutions.
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