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Local and Remote Data Center Monitoring

Autonomous microprocessor-controlled modules provide supervision and control of data center infrastructure equipment, with the ability to monitor up-to-the-second status on system protection. Infrastructure monitoring information can also be integrated to centralized facility management.

Liebert Nform centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of equipment for companies of every size. It provides network management of distributed Liebert equipment with notifications and messaging, with software versions available to meet business needs.
These temperature and humidity sensors provide accurate sensing of room temperature and humidity, transmitting the data via 4-20 mA output signal to the Liebert Universal Monitor.
This solution is a microprocessor with multi-sensing, remote monitoring and remote control capabilities. Its advanced technology provides high-availability data center monitoring around the clock. The Liebert Universal Monitor can operate as an independent, stand-alone controller or in conjunction with Liebert SiteScan Web centralized monitoring system.
This panel displays customized alarm indication for any dry contact input from environmental, power and UPS systems, including Liebert units. This remote system continuously surveys your most critical support equipment and instantly alerts you to alarm conditions. The unit monitors up to four digital inputs.
The interface cards are easily installed in select Liebert precision cooling systems to provide contact closure monitoring and reporting of system operation. The unit provides contact closure outputs, and reports status and major alarm conditions to an existing Building Management System, I/O or alarm panels, and autodialer devices.
This solution provides centralized power distribution for 24VAC loads with two independently-fused 40VA isolated outputs. The TM115 and TM230 transformer modules are designed as self-contained, stand-alone devices.
Network switch that interconnects cooling units equipped with iCOM controls, allowing the units to communicate and function as a team, and allowing lead/lag operation.
Autochangeover controllers are ideal for coordinated control of systems with redundant data center infrastructure equipment, such as multiple environmental units or pumps. When the controller detects an alarm in an operating device, a standby device is enabled and the device in alarm is either disabled or left operating as configured.