Liebert IntelliRack Multiplexing Unit


Liebert IntelliRack Multiplexing Unit

Liebert IntelliRack multiplexing unit with Liebert MultiPort 4 cards communicates the On Battery and Low Battery status of a single UPS to multiple PCs, servers, or workstations utilizing dedicated wiring. Each Liebert IntelliRack with a maximum of five MultiPort4 cards installed can support up to 20 computer systems and these units can be daisy-chained together to accommodate a virtually unlimited number of computers.

Liebert IntelliRack multiplexing unit houses five Intellislot ports for Liebert Multiport relay contact units. The Liebert Multiport units are then connected to Liebert UPS systems of any size, allowing communication with up to 20 computer systems running Liebert MultiLink® or other shutdown software. Multiple Liebert IntelliRack units can also be daisy-chained, allowing communications to a virtually unlimited number of computers. 50/60Hz.

  • Multiple computer shutdown communication
  • Houses up to 5 Liebert Multiport cards
  • Communicates with any number of computers when units are connected together
  • Communicates with Liebert MultiLink automated shutdown software


  • Fits in just 1U of rack space.
  • A single unit connects up to 20 computers or servers running different operating systems to a Liebert UPS system.
  • Multiple units may be daisy-chained to allow communication to additional computers.
  • Uses Liebert MultiLink shutdown software and can also use built-in shutdown utilities included in Windows and AS/400.
  • Universal power supply permits deployment anywhere in the world.

Higher Availability

  • Dual power supply inputs ensure system availability.
  • Ability to load shed increases available battery time for the most critical loads.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Maximizes the effectiveness of a single UPS system.
  • Scalable design allows the addition of Liebert Multiport4 or additional Liebert Intellirack modules as needs grow.

Ideally Suited For

  • All Liebert UPS systems
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