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For Emergency Power

Our comprehensive portfolio of monitoring products ensure that your critical load centers are protected for seamless operations. Mitigate power fluctuations and identify specific areas for optimization to help you determine and apply solutions with a host of power management solutions that not only allows you to view current power and power factor readings, but also has a programmable kW set point to initiate transfer of loads to a standby source. Select from on-site or remote monitoring capabilities depending on what application best suits your unique business needs.

​The ASCO Quad-Ethernet Module, Catalog No. 5140 (Acc. 72EE), provides connectivity from ASCO equipment and Ethernet switch functionality.
PowerQuest 5900 is ideal for complex on-site power systems that support ultra-critical applications such as data centers, large hospitals, financial centers and other operations where the stakes are high.
The Essential package offers a value solution for your monitoring needs. Control up to 32 devices, with basic ‘Power to Know’ capabilities such as energy summary, notification and site statistic, along with standard power monitoring devices, remote annunciators and 12 inch monitoring servers.
The Enterprise package offers full redundancy features with control of up to 128 devices, all ‘Power to Know’ capabilities, standard power monitoring devices, remote annunciators and additional 42 inch monitoring servers.
The 5700 Professional package offers richer features to your monitoring needs. Control up to 64 devices, with even more ‘Power to Know’ capabilities such as reports, trending and diagnostics, along with standard power monitoring devices, remote annunciators and additional 17 inch monitoring servers.
The ASCO Power Manager XP, Catalog No. 5220, collects real-time single or three-phase power information for engine-generators, utility, paralleling switchgear and automatic transfer switches.
The 5700 line offers versatile options with a range of capabilities starting with the Essential package and building up through the Professional and Enterprise packages.
The ASCO 5310 is an LED-interface providing transfer switch status indication and control for a single switch. Ethernet technology is incorporated for fast, reliable communication.
The ASCO 5350 facilitates reliable monitoring, testing and control of ASCO transfer switches via built-in Ethernet technology.
The ASCO Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Acc. 72E), provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to ASCO transfer switches for monitoring.
The ASCO Serial Interface Module, Catalog No. 5110 (Acc. 72A), enables serial ATS monitoring when used in conjunction with ASCO PowerQuest interface products.
The ASCO 32.15 Power Interface is computer-based monitoring and control software package. When combined with ASCO 72E Communications Interface modules and the ASCO 5220 Power Manager, it provides a centralized and comprehensive monitoring and control interface for power transfer switches and engine generators.
The industrial grade touch screen provides a comprehensive interface to your entire power control system. It extracts critical system information from various ASCO products, generator-sets, breakers, and other third-party devices, while giving the operator the ability of changing system settings and access to control functions. Three-levels of password security are provided for flexible control tier assignments.