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Communication Networks 
Monitoring units offer modular construction, extensive control capabilities, wide connectivity range, and a complete set of software functions that help enable effective site behavior and equipment performance on small telecommunications offices.
Our Energy Operations Centers are an integrated approach to managing the energy and health of entire networks. That includes remote monitoring, optimizing energy consuming equipment, regular remote maintenance routines and emergency service in a single package, designed to minimize energy use and maximize the availability of vital systems.
A stand-alone site monitoring unit that provides remote monitoring of energy equipment and the telecom site environment with its powerful functionality, facilitating easy maintenance and management of the site.
Software for remote management of energy systems, standby generators, UPS, cooling systems, and other external equipment in buildings.
Used for monitoring power equipment and environment in telecom sites. Single Version System: used for the situations when only one SC is needed and less equipment in every site.
Optional supervision modules for battery management, AC management and management of other equipment such as inverters, fire alarms, climate units etc.
Netsure – The Next – Generation DC Power Technology Platform
NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, wireless, and enterprise communication networks.
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