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​​Avtron 103-1875 KVAR (K841B) Reactive Load Bank
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Avtron Model K841B range from 103 - 1875 KVAR. They are designed for indoor or outdoor permanent installations and come complete with remote operator control panels (19" rack mount or NEMA enclosed). Avtron inductive/reactive load banks (KVAR) are typically used in combination with resistive load banks (KW) to test a generator or power source at 0.8 power factor (lagging). The reactive load bank should be sized at 75% of the resistive load bank KW rating to achieve a 0.8 power factor. The resistive and reactive load banks are connected and operated in parallel.
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • Designed for Continuous Operation
  • Reactive KVAR matches Resistive KW at 0.8 p.f.
  • Remote Operator Controls
  • Non-Saturating Single Phase and 3 Phase Iron Core Reactors
  • 480 or 240/480 to 120 Volt Control Power Transformer
  • Under Frequency Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Remote Control Panel Enclosure (NEMA 12)
  • Control Panel Mounted on Load Bank
  • Other Voltages or DC Designs Available
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