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​Avtron 150 KW (LPH150) Load Bank​​

​The Avtron LPH150 Load Bank designed to deliver high power absorption in a compact unit. This versatile load bank weighs approximately 220 lbs and is approximately half the weight and size of traditional load banks of similar capacity. The load bank features horizontal air discharge to provide low profile design. The LPH150 is engineered to fit through the average doorway and provide up to 150 KW resistive load at 480 VAC or 240 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz. The unit will also provide a full 112.5 KW at 208 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz. ​Quick-connect load terminals and simple operation allow the load bank to be set up and operated by a single technician, saving valuable time in the field.

The LPH150 is targeted mainly toward service and rental companies that provide testing for backup power installations and UPS systems. The BIG advantage of the LPH150 is the capacity at 208V. Most of Avtron's customers need about 100 KW at 208 V and the traditional small 100 KW or 110 KW load banks would not provide that capacity. When you de-rate a 100 or 110 KW at 208 V, the most you could handle would be about 80 KW. The LPH150 is tri-voltage and it gives you 112.5 KW at 208 V, which is mainly used by the UPS market and smaller generator sets.

  • Rated for Continuous Operation
  • Compact, Portable, Easy to Transport and Operate
  • Large Load Capacity - up to 150 KW
  • Rugged Aluminized Steel Enclosure with Casters
  • SIGMA Network Control
  • Network Capability, Control up to 11 Load Banks with the Hand-Held Controller
  • 20' Cable Set with Connectors
  • Other Voltages Available
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