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Skid Mount Permanent Load Banks
The Avtron Skid Mount Load Bank System provides an economical and convenient means for high capacity resistive and reactive load testing of AC power systems. Many specifications and local codes demand that such testing be performed at less than unity power factor, typically 0.8 p.f. To achieve a 0.8 power factor, the Skid Mount Load Bank combines resistive load (KW) with reactive load (KVAR). This combination provides a true test of the actual generator or UPS nameplate rating (KVA) and simulates a "real world" load. The Avtron Load Bank Skid Mount System is integrated on a rugged structural skid with provisions for overhead, four point lifting. 
​The Model LPS Load Bank is designed for permanent skid mount when 625-3125 KVA of load is required. The LPS load bank system is ideal for high power resistive and reactive testing of AC generating systems in factory production lines or in the field after installation.