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​Avtron 3000-7000 KW (K922A)​ Load Bank

The Avtron Model K922A resistive load bank is ideal for testing medium-voltage generators or turbines. Avtron is leading the industry by offering a true medium-voltage load bank while others still supply a conventional step down transformer and a low voltage load bank (typically 480 VAC). A medium-voltage load bank eliminates the need for a costly step-down transformer, which reduces the overall package size and installation cost. It is ideal for high power resistive loading of medium voltage generating systems in factory production lines or test cells. It is designed for permanent outdoor mounting.​

The K922A load bank is designed for permanent outdoor installation with vertical hot air discharge. Each load bank module is typically rated between 3 and 7 MW. Multiple modules are used when tens of hundreds of megawatts are required. Voltages 5 KV to 15 KV class are available.

  • High Capacity per Module
  • No Step-Down Transformer Required
  • Direct Connection to Medium Voltage Source
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • Outdoor Construction
  • Vertical Air Discharge
  • ADMS Digital Metering with Communicator EXT Data Logging Software
  • SIGMA Network Control
  • -40°F Arctic Design
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