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500-3000 KW (K875A)​ Load Bank
​The Avtron Model K875A load bank can be utilized independently or as a modular building block for larger systems to meet a variety of power testing requirements. This load bank is ideal for permanent outdoor installation for routine load testing of standby diesel generating systems or for factory production line testing of (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supplies, turbines, or engine generator sets. It is ideal for high power resistive loading of AC generating systems. The load bank features vertical air discharge for installation in areas where space is at a premium such as the rooftops of high-rise buildings. Weatherproof exhaust hoods provide maximum protection to the resistor cases and blower assemblies.
  • Outdoor Installation
  • Fully Supported Load Elements
  • No Cool Down Period Required
  • Vertical Air Discharge
  • Slide Out Resistor Cases
  • Remote Operator Controls
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • ADMS Digital Metering with Communicator EXT Data Logging Software
  • SIGMA Network Control
  • Meter and Control Panel Enclosure
  • Control Power Transformer
  • Automatic Load Step Controller
  • Low Profile with Gravity Louvers
  • Low dB Design
  • -40° F Arctic Design
  • Other Voltages and DC Designs Available
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