Trellis Platform Capacity Planning Solution


Trellis™ Platform ​Capacity Planning

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The Trellis™ Capacity Planning Solution provides software and services in a complete package, - tailored to meet your business needs and scalable to meet future needs.

With this solution you can determine if existing hardware is meeting the company’s current needs, and provide a projection for future requirements.

With Trellis™ Capacity Planning Solution you can:

  • Identify where there may be opportunities to consolidate
  • Determine whether the existing infrastructure can support anticipated growth
  • Plan when additional resources will be required
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With the Trellis™ Capacity Planning Solution, you are able to:

  • Plan your work and allocate assets both today and in the future
  • Create a solid foundation by accurately tracking power, space, weight and heat capacities
  • Uncover stranded capacity in existing data centers
  • Reclaim costly data center space by maximizing physical space on floor and in racks
  • Reduce complexity, training, and support costs
  • Address specific asset management pains with one solution
  • Obtain value training tailored to your business