Emerson Network Power's Infrastructure Management Products: DCIM Software


DCIM Software

Emerson Network Power is addressing the challenges of the data center with the Trellis™ dynamic infrastructure optimization platform.  Unlike any other DCIM solution, the Trellis platform delivers unprecedented, real-time visibility into critical infrastructures and the impact of changes.

With this unified and complete solution, you gain the power to visualize the real situation in your data center, make the right decision and take action with confidence.

By providing real-time, integrated view of IT and facility assets, this comprehensive DCIM solution makes it easier to collaborate, plan and control changes in the data center. A modular and scalable platform that fits every sized company, it helps mitigate IT risk, optimize efficiency and support business initiatives.
Each solution package is all inclusive and designed to meet your specific business need. It offers low-risk entry point to DCIM software with options to scale. Having a more streamlined and simplified process enables faster user adoption, implementation and ROI.

The Trellis™ Application packages offer easy to install and easy to use solutions to common data center problems. As complementary resources, they extend the capabilities of Emerson Network Power devices to improve their effectiveness, simplify their management and create visibility into the data center environment.​

Avocent software for data center management provide secure, centralized infrastructure, network monitoring and management tools. Achieve peak performance and high availability in data center and remote site operations in a cost-effective way.​