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Rectifiers / Battery chargers

A full range of rectifiers and battery chargers to elaborate configured or custom-made Industrial DC UPS Systems.


The FP-20R industial rectifier/battery charger is compact and flexible thanks to a selection of extras. Best used in the Secondary distribution substations, Process industries, Automatic control systems, Monitoring circuits, and Switching and motorization sectors.

The FP-40R, formerly known as Hexagone, offers exceptional output stability and flexibility to comply with many requirements of the industrial sector. Best used in the Primary distribution substations, Continuous process, Chemical, and Water & Wastewater sectors.

The CP-70R, formerly known as Excel Apodys, is our flagship industrial rectifier/battery charger offering a very high level of customization. Best used in the Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream), Transmission and Primary Distribution substations, Transportation infrastructures, and Continuous process sector.


The Chloride CP-70RC is a range of industrial rectifi ers / battery chargers that supplies high DC power in a more compact footprint. It combines the highly reliable thyristor-based topology with the proven digital control technology to offer the best performance under any electrical and environmental conditions.​​

The Chloride XP Range Products are tailor-made solutions designed to operate in hazardous atmosphere and meet the requirements of the ATEX/IECex standards.​​