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Chloride FP-40R
2 to 90 kW
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The Chloride FP-40R industrial rectifier is the result of engineering research in product simplification to offer an SCR-based standardized design with improved reliability and adaptability to industrial requirements.

It is available from 25A to 100A in single-phase input configuration, and up to 400A in three-phase input configuration. It also offers a wide range of output voltages, from 24 Vdc to 220 Vdc.

The Chloride FP-40R is designed to meet the most demanding schedules of industrial projects.
A wide choice of ratings and a selection of industrialized and pre-configured options allow the product to be quickly configured at the order stage.

This product was formerly known as Hexagone.

Best for use in the following sectors:

  • Primary distribution substations
  • Continuous process
  • Chemical
  • Water & Wastewater


  • Improved reliability provided by a fully controlled SCR bridge and a reduced quantity of components
  • Adaptability thanks to a selection of industrialized options and an easy parameter settings for quick on-site adjustments
  • Simplified product design to improve MTBF and to reduce MTTR
  • Very Low ripple voltage to improve battery life
  • Low inrush current (for 3-ph) as standard, which is only achieved through additional components (and higher price) by competitors
  • Compact design, with the capability to integrate the battery inside the charger cabinet
  • Choice between 2 Human-Machine interface
  • Ingress protection easily achieved up to IP43, and possibility up to IP55
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