NetSure 501 DC Power System

NetSure 501

Highly reliable, uninterruptible cost-effective power systems for small data or telecom installations. The NetSure™ 501 DC Power Solution offered in A50, AA0, A61 and PS48300-3B/1800(2000) models is a flexible system capable of providing DC power through the use of 1800 or 2000 watts rectifiers, standard or advanced controller options and a variety of output distributions.

  • Provides up to 8.5 kW in one sub rack
  • Front access and top cabling design for installation and maintenance
  • Utilizes UL approved rectifier R48-1800
  • Hot swap of rectifier units Configurable circuit breakers as high or low priority
  • AC input accepts three phase (380V star connected) or single phase (220V) nominal input
  • Battery and load low voltage disconnect to protect batteries (optional)

Netsure – The Next – Generation DC Power Technology Platform
NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, wireless, and enterprise communication networks.
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