NetSure™ 211

NetSure 211

NetSure™ 211, the next generation of mini systems, is the perfect solution to smaller access nodes, such as street cabinets and other outdoor solutions where not only minimal space is valued, but also the systems ability to deliver power in the most reliable way also under tough environmental conditions, such as very high or very low temperature.

  • Standard 19 inch sub rack with light weight, saving room space and installation cost
  • Full front operation, convenient for maintenance
  • Rectifier comply with EU ROHS, China ROHS, EMC EN55022 class B while meeting domestic and international standards such as CE, UL and NEBS
  • Extra wide input voltage range, strong power grid adaptability
  • Wide operating temperature range for rectifier and controller, hot swappable, online maintenance
  • The monitoringmodule can save up to 200 pieces of historical alarm records, and 10 sets of battery test data records.
  • Perfect batterymanagement effectively prolongs battery service life
  • RS232 port, Ethernet, dry contacts and other communication ports provided, flexible networking is enabled to achieve remote monitoring functions
  • The system has complete fault protection and fault alarm functions

Netsure – The Next – Generation DC Power Technology Platform
NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, wireless, and enterprise communication networks.
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