NetSure 801 DC Power System

NetSure 801

NetSure™ 801 power system is a new generation of highly reliable power system designed by Emerson. The system can be smoothly expanded up to 6000A through parallel connection. It is applicable for following applications:

  • Large and medium switching office
  • Level-1 transmission backbone line
  • GSMmobile switching office, mobile tandemexchange
  • CDMA mobile switching office,mobile tandemexchange
  • Wide AC input range from 260V to 530Vac
  • System efficiency up to 93%
  • Hot swappable rectifier and monitoring module
  • Front access, top / bottomcable entry
  • Remote monitoring through RJ45, RS232 and replay output
  • Surge protection on AC,DCand signal side
  • Easily expandable with more power or feature when new demand arise
  • Utilize CE/UL approved rectifier R48-5800
  • Systemcomply with EN60590 and EN300386, ROHS
  • Reduced cost through high power density, one rectifier cabinet can give 1500A output
  • Easy to expand because of hot-swappable rectifier modules
  • Reliable DC supply to equipment thanks to robust and well-proven design

Netsure – The Next – Generation DC Power Technology Platform
NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, wireless, and enterprise communication networks.
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