Liebert STS/SmartSwitch


Liebert STS/SmartSwitch

Point-of-Use Transfer Switch For Dual AC power Switching

The Liebert STS/SmartSwitch is a point-of-use transfer switch ideal for applications requiring reliable dual AC power switching.

The Liebert SmartSwitch is a convenient point-of-use device that automatically transfers the critical load from a failing power source to an alternate AC feed immediately upon detection of a problem. SmartSwitch's proven power switching technology allows dual AC power paths all the way up to the critical load for the ultimate in AC power system redundancy, power availability and fault tolerance.

  • Point-of-use transfer switch
  • Transfers load from failing source to alternate AC
  • Transfers automatically or manually
  • Provides integral maintenance bypass


  • Manual and automatic transfer capability
  • Selectable preferred input source without rewiring or load shutdown provides application flexibility and facilitates load balancing
  • Integral maintenance bypass to both input sources for servicing convenience

Higher Availability

  • Fast switching between two AC power sources makes power transfer time invisible to your protected equipment
  • Hot-swap electronics allow module replacement without load shutdown
  • Break-Before-Make switching eliminates connecting together of the independent power sources, even under faulted conditions

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Diagnostics and transfer tests detect potential switch failures before the problem becomes critical

Ideally Suited For

  • Data centers
  • Distributed computing
  • High tech manufacturing
  • Other critical loads