Liebert HiSwitch2


Liebert HiSwitch2

Solid-State Digital Bus Transfer Switch For Multi-Bus Power Systems

The new Liebert HiSwitch2 solid-state digital bus transfer switch is the enabling technology behind dual-bus power systems. These devices are connected between critical load and the outputs of two independent UPS systems. If the primary UPS should fail, the switch will automatically transfer the loads to the surviving UPS.
  • Complete Front-Access
  • Input Surge Protection
  • Optional Color Touch-Screen Monitor
  • Triple-redundant, Self-Correcting Logic
  • Internal Dual-Bus Control Power
  • Simplified Installation & Maintenance

The design of the HiSwitch2 reflects Emerson's decades of leadership in critical power and environmental system architecture:

  • Conservative design margins and excellent overload capacity. Can also be placed against a wall or partition.
  • Designed for maintainability, with all power-train components removable and serviceable from the front, without shutting down the connected load.
  • Internal CANBUS protocol: high-bandwidth communication between system components via twisted-pair cables. Options can be added as simple network nodes.
  • Full range of communications options to fit any monitoring strategy for the Optional LED Panel.
Liebert Liqui-tect
Two Channel Leak Detection System

  • Two zone leak detection monitor
  • Monitors up to 5000 feet of leak detection cable in each zone
  • Measures and reports distance of leak from monitor
  • Monitors leaks below the floor, above the ceiling, or at the room perimeter
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