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Chloride CROSS Rack, 16-64 A STS
In addition to the protection offered by Chloride UPS units, Chloride CROSS Rack ensures a further level of safety, having the ability to switch between alternative power sources. The advanced control Break Before Make (BBM) switching feature, provides high safety for all loads in all operational modes and its reduced dimensions make it ideal for mission critical environments where footprint is a key issue.
  • Ability to switch between two alternative single-phase power sources, ensuring redundant power to critical loads.
  • The 'fixed priority' operational mode, allows the preferred input line to be selected, enabling automatic transfer of the load to the priority line whenever its parameters fall within certain values.
  • BBM modality on both poles, thus ensuring that the two sources will never be directly connected.
  • CBEMA guidelines are met due to Chloride CROSS Rack’s ability to switch between independent AC power sources in both synchronous and asynchronous conditions, relative to the input waveforms.
  • Emergency switching, provides the transfer to the alternative source, in only a few milliseconds.
  • Ability to recognise downstream short-circuits that are caused by loads or distribution.
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