Liebert FPC Power Conditioning and Distribution Cabinet


Liebert FPC Power Conditioning and Distribution Cabinet

Power Conditioning and Distribution In A Rack-Sized Cabinet

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The rack-size Liebert FPC power conditioning and distribution cabinet provides higher quality, more flexible power distribution for high-density data centers. It is engineered to combine the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested unit with the flexibility of a custom-tailored power system. This self-contained system provides power isolation, power distribution, computer-grade grounding and power monitoring.

Liebert FPC ranges in capacity from 15kVA to 300kVA, 60Hz or 50Hz models. The system is available in 23.5" cabinet and 47” cabinet sizes and is designed to fit at the end of, or within, a row of racks, as well as in a standalone configuration.

  • Rack-size power conditioning and distribution
  • Requires only front and back service access
  • Offers top or bottom cable entry


  • Sub-feed breakers or I-Line panelboards provide the flexibility to add distribution capacity as needed to adapt to growing room loads.
  • Inline 42-pole panelboards provide wide-open wiring access channels for easy installation of additional circuits.
  • Various cabling options provide flexibility — top of the racks, under the floor or through the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Full front and rear access for easy maintenance.

Higher Availability

  • Factory testing ensures reliable, consistent performance.
  • Local and remote power monitoring capabilities enable you to attain maximum availability for your critical operations.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Four panelboard capacity saves money by eliminating need for multiple cabinets.
  • Ability to install additional distribution capacity within the same cabinet as needs change helps to manage costs over service life of system.
  • Larger kVA capacity rating means fewer units will be needed to support IT growth.
  • In-rack location places power distribution closer to the load, reducing under floor cabling from centralized UPS and making cable movements simpler and less expensive.

Ideally Suited For

  • Large data centers
  • Medium data centers
  • Small data centers
  • Telecommunications


What does the Liebert FPC do?

The Liebert FDC is designed to optimize power distribution at the rack level with “plug-and-play” flexibility. It is a self-contained system that provides:

  • Power Isolation
  • Power Distribution
  • Computer-Grade Grounding
  • Power Monitoring

What makes the Liebert FPC stand out from the competition?

It is engineered to combine the convenience and cost savings of a prepackaged, factory-tested unit with the flexibility of a custom-tailored power system.

The packaged system approach is convenient and space-saving, reducing installation time and cost compared to a conventional approach using multiple interconnected components.

The Liebert FPC is built on a proven system design used in thousands of installations, and unlike one-of-a-kind, built-up distribution arrangements constructed at the site, it undergoes thorough factory testing as a complete system to assure reliable, consistent performance.

A capacity range of 15-150kVA enables it to accommodate increasing power densities when growth occurs.

With optional Liebert Distribution Monitoring, the Liebert FPC has more comprehensive monitoring than any other product on the market. With the ability to go beyond the branch circuit monitoring, you increase the likelihood that you will be alerted to potential problems before they can affect your connected equipment, thereby reducing the chance of costly unplanned downtime.

The Liebert FPC offers a variety of cable management options–cables can be routed across the top of the racks, under the floor or through the bottom of the cabinet–providing flexibility.

Why do I need a product like this in my data center?

As your rack-mount systems grow in number, complexity and criticality — so must your power distribution system.

Creating high quality power is a major step towards protecting the operation of a critical facility. The Liebert FPC power center is designed to manage power from the UPS all the way to each individual piece of computing and communications hardware

The Liebert FPC features a compact, space saving design, flexible breaker configurations, plus local and remote power monitoring capabilities. Available in capacities from 15 kVA up to 150 kVA the Liebert FPC offers flexibility to fit both the space and electrical requirements of IT equipment.


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