Liebert ITA 16-20kVA


Liebert ITA 16-20kVA
True On-Line Double Conversion Parallelable UPS

Liebert ITA Series is a full featured scalable UPS designed to provide long backup time for small computer rooms and network equipment. Using true on-line double conversion UPS technology, Liebert ITA Series provides high efficiency and reliability with 0.9/0.8 output power factor that can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS. This UPS offers flexibility with parallelable confi guration and extended backup time with external battery cabinets.

  • Compatible with two modes: 3-phase mains output and single-phase mains output. You should check the system wiring and conduct the panel setting manually
  • Capable of parallel connection to achieve up to 3 + 1 parallel redundant power
  • High-frequency double conversion topology structure, with high input power factor, wide input voltage range, and output immune to grid interference, thus adaptable to areas with unstable mains supply
  • High power density
  • Full digital control technology based on digital signal processor (DSP) to achieve high system reliability with self-protection and fault diagnosis functions
  • Intelligent battery management to extend the battery module life
  • Operation and display panel with both LCD and LED indication to help you learn about the system operation state and operating parameters
  • 3U thickness. Tower installation and rack installation are optional to meet different installation requirements
  • Capable of ECO power supply mode, which helps you save energy to the maximum extent
  • Flexible network management with Emerson monitoring software
  • Fan fault self-test and automatic recognition functions
  • SNMP card optional, providing network communication function
  • Capable of connecting multiple battery strings, extending the power supply time of battery mode
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