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Liebert APM Online UPS, 30-150kW (380V)
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The Liebert APM is a compact modular UPS system that can grow, in 30kVA increments, to 150kVA to match your evolving load requirements. The system allows 4 units in parallel configuration without the need for centralized bypass cabinet and additional external modules.

Due to the compact design in the power modules, there is room to accommodate within the same rack internal batteries providing a backup time of up to 30 minutes in the 30kVA configuration and up to 5 minutes in the 90kVA configuration. Combination of internal and external batteries are available to cope with the various customer scenarios.

  • High efficiency rating of up to 96% on true online double conversion mode
  • FlexPower TechnologyTM: Allows the configuration of a completely redundant power and control system, sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment. The unit capacity is easily added, without increasing the system footprint
  • Parallel technology allowing four parallel units, without the need for centralized bypass cabinet and additional external modules
  • Digital current sharing technology and high parallel reliability
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range to cope with the worst utility conditions 
  • Intelligent battery management for automatic battery maintenance and prolonged battery life
  • Flexible battery configuration: 30 to 40 batteries per string allow you in most cases to keep your existing battery solution
  • Lower mean time to repair (MTTR) with hot swappable modules
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