Liebert Case Studies by Solution - Data Center Power

Liebert Case Studies by Solution - Data Center Power
Reliable Liebert uninterruptible power systems protect revenue-generating equipment in a demanding environment, enabling business continuity on an all-electronic toll highway.
A leading communications and media company in the Northeast U.S. installed a SmartMod infrastructure solution at a remote location, providing additional data and Internet capacity without taking up more facility space.  The containerized data center has reduced costs by minimizing installation time, and eliminating potentially costly room upgrades in the main building.
Liebert power technologies ensure the success of this non-profit's IP telephony deployment, adding reliable and uninterruptible power and ensuring phone system reliability and availability.
Liebert solutions help this technology company achieve its business continuity objectives for advancing data center infrastructure design.
American Eagle Federal Credit Union relies on Emerson Network Power’s Liebert technology for continuous power protection, adding state-of-the-art uninterruptible power to its data center management portfolio.
BAIS confidently achieves five nines of availability to its customers while providing unmatched efficiency through a unique data center design, employing economizers, efficient cooling technologies and cold aisle containment.
When BayCare Health System needed a new data center design to support advanced applications such as a paperless medical record system, they chose Liebert data center cooling, uninterruptible power and monitoring.
This New York school district relies on Liebert uninterruptible power technology to protect its money-saving VoIP implementation.
Liebert data center rack cabinet solutions provide more effective data center cooling and uninterruptible power for a leading communications company.
Liebert products and services create an adaptive data center cooling infrastructure to eliminate emerging hotspots all the while providing data center solutions to support future business growth.
Liebert solutions ensure uninterruptible power supplies the network backbone, supporting IP telephony and managed services operations for this technology provider.
Liebert uninterruptible power technologies provide the always-on support data center infrastructure support that manufacturing automation demands.
To meet the stringent availability requirements dictated by the company’s robust service agreements, CDGI utilizes Liebert and Knurr solutions to facilitate efficient, high-availability data center infrastructure performance.
DataCenter.BZ’s data center expansion is supported with a high-density power and cooling infrastructure optimized for efficiency and flexibility, without compromising its 2(N+1) high-availability operational commitment.
Liebert uninterruptible power solutions help provide assurance for rapid response to security alarms, and support data center infrastructure reliability.
One of the largest emergency response systems in the US relies on Liebert data center solutions to deliver continuous availability for critical services.
Gridway Computing Corporation deployed the SmartAisle infrastructure including integrated row-based power and cooling to save space, cut costs and maintain a flexible plan for expansion. GridWay now supports its clientele  with a smaller, more energy-efficient data center footprint.
This hospital demanded reliable data center infrastructure and VoIP systems to help deliver high-quality medical attention to its patients all around central Connecticut. Now, continuous data center power supports the consistent, accurate performance of critical electronics.
HESS increasingly depends on technology to support oil exploration and production. Liebert data center cooling and uninterruptible power solutions support high-performance computing.
Liebert uninterruptible power solutions support effective data center design for this major home building company.
Infinity Insurance maintains high availability levels for data center infrastructure across its national network of agents, doubling capacity in constrained spaces, without increasing its hardware footprint.
This leading airport employs uninterruptible power for one of the world’s largest and most reliable wireless hot spots, providing the first-class wireless connectivity travelers expect.
One of the world's largest financial services organizations employs Liebert data center cooling to eliminate heat problems that threatened to limit the use of high-density servers.
ISC sells Liebert data center power and cooling solutions, and the company also relies on them to gain uninterruptible power for their own VoIP network and $1 million demonstration lab facility.
To support rapid growth and increased environmental responsibility, Langan found a data center power solution that would reduce energy consumption and provide a clear path for expansion.
Erratic utility power threatened revenue-generating equipment, until the casino switched to Liebert uninterruptible power technology.
Liebert data center power and cooling technologies ensure high-availability for this US Department of Defense facility, while providing the flexibility to add a new high-density supercomputer.
The Liebert GXT uninterruptible power solution provides redundancy and scalability for a network facility supporting the airline industry.
Liebert Case Studies by Solutions - Microsoft Technology Center: Philadelphia
Liebert UPSs and application-matched flywheel systems deliver 100 percent data center power availability to support managed services.
The Liebert Nfinity provides uninterruptible power redundancy and scalability for a consulting firm's new network facility.
After a data center infrastructure disaster, the Liebert Nfinity UPS, Liebert GXT uninterruptible power, and an integrated rack enclosure solution get a law firm back on track.
The largest hospital and health care system in the Louisville, KY area overhauled its data center infrastructure, deploying power, cooling and monitoring solutions capable of supporting the latest medical technologies.
Emergency service was called when the university experienced a complete data center power loss and shut down unexpectedly. Liebert uninterruptible power solutions and Emerson’s Liebert Services experts helped bring the data center back online by Monday morning.
See how Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) deployed a brand new data center infrastructure, including racks, power, cooling, monitoring and fire suppression in a single weekend.

By avoiding costly room infrastructure construction, this company deployed a SmartRow data center infrastructure solution to save money and ensure an economical move to their future data center.

Emerson Network Power products and services are helping expand RagingWire’s data center infrastructure support system, allowing the company to not only attract more Fortune 100 business, but do so more economically.
Space constraints in data center design were challenging this research institute to meet requests for deploying new technologies and increasing performance reliability. New data center solutions including data center racks, power management and monitoring now accommodate server and equipment growth.
Liebert data center power and cooling, and data center management solutions protect business-critical data center and customer contact centers for this leading auto glass service provider.

Sarasota County’s new facility needed to deliver scalable capacity and efficient operation throughout the lifecycle of their virtualized data center, while assuring continuous operation of government functions. A SmartDesign infrastructure now optimizes efficiency, capacity and availability.

An increase in the demand for outsourced human resources support placed Sequent at the doorway to significant business growth. Data center design incorporating Liebert uninterruptible power and data center cooling now supports a reliable network infrastructure.
Liebert data center infrastructure solutions enable this teleport services provider to deliver carrier-class reliability to capitalize on growing market demand.
Liebert data center cooling and power solutions support business continuity goals for this large regional property and casualty insurance company, delivering high availability for the main data center and network of regional facilities.
Liebert uninterruptible power solutions help this university achieve success with its IP telephony deployment.

The Tampa Bay Rays selected the SmartRow solution from Emerson Network Power, as it increases data center capacity to support high-performance computing needs while reducing operational costs and delivering maximum availability.

Terminix streamlined its data center facility by implementing a more consolidated, flexible data center power solution and improving cooling efficiency, by positioning row-based cooling units among the racks.
Liebert uninterruptible power solutions protect critical equipment before, during and after one of the worst blackouts in US history.
Emerson created a dynamic data center power architecture to meet high availability needs as Time Warner's communications network and breadth of services continues to grow.
Liebert delivers reliable data center cooling and power protection for Nevada's first all-digital casino surveillance system.
Liebert GXT uninterruptible power systems power the IP telephony rollout at Marquette, while data center management solutions permit remote monitoring.
Flexible Liebert data center cooling and power solutions provide the backbone for one of the world's largest online universities.
Liebert uninterruptible technology eliminates battery problems and gives the university the confidence to implement VoIP.
Scalable data center power and cooling solutions allow this fast-growing provider of Internet connectivity and data protection to increase the capacity of its data center infrastructure.
Compact Liebert UPS systems deliver uninterruptible power protection, to eliminate the impact of power outages and disturbances.