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Time Warner Cable of New York City

With the introduction of high-speed Internet and VoIP phone service, the data center power infrastructure of Time Warner Cable of New York City was not adequately equipped to support the fast growth in services and customer expectations. Commercial space is at a premium in New York City. So as more IT systems were added to support new services, the company was forced to build on the aging power systems, which were not sufficiently able to support the high levels of availability the new services required. A power failure at any point along the data center infrastructure can impact the entire operation—and have serious consequences for the business.

Case Summary
Location: New York, NY


  • Liebert NX uninterruptible power modules with paralleling cabinets

Critical Needs
Create a dynamic data center power architecture to meet power and high availability needs as the company’s communications network and breadth of services continued to grow.


  • Designed and installed a dynamic power architecture that enabled the company to better plan for and meet growing power needs.
  • Added level of redundancy to current power infrastructure to increase business-critical systems availability to 99.99999.
  • Retrofitted aging infrastructure with state-of-the-art UPS units without any service interruptions.
  • Eliminated single-point-of-failure areas in the company’s power infrastructure.

 To read more, download the Time Warner Cable of New York City case study.

Time Warner Cable Inc. is the second-largest cable operator in the United States and an industry leader in developing and launching innovative video, data and voice services. The company delivers services to customers through technologically advanced, well-clustered cable systems that pass approximately 26 million homes. The company offers high-speed data service, IP-based telephony service and a range of advanced digital video services. Time Warner Cable of New York City services the largest concentration of cable customers per square mile in the United States.

“The Liebert NX easily fit into our current infrastructure. We did not have to rearrange our facilities to accommodate the units. It allowed us to go back into the current, aging power structure and overbuild redundant UPS power in critical spots without having to rebuild the infrastructure that is supported by the existing UPS units, or experience any downtime.”
Sal Azzaro, director of facilities, Time Warner Cable of New York City