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Spring Arbor University

New technology has allowed many organizations to save money and provide a more efficient communications system by implementing IP Telephony systems. Combining both telephone and data communications over the same local network requires dependable uninterruptible power protection.

Case Summary
Location: Jackson, Michigan


  • Liebert UPStation GXT uninterruptible power
  • Liebert OpenComms Web Card monitoring

Critical Need
Protect sensitive switches that enable IP telephony.

Spring Arbor worked with NETech Corporation of Grand Rapids, a Liebert solutions provider that recommended Liebert on-line double conversion UPS protection for the new Cisco switches. The vast majority of the network closets now utilize the Liebert data center power solutions.

Marty Moll of Spring Arbor University, who oversees the network systems, says the university has also installed servers at its outlying adult and masters degree centers. There is a Liebert GXT UPS at each of these sites, protecting the IP phone systems as well as the local servers used at each remote location.

According to Tim Engen of NETech, “The equipment used to operate IP telephony plus data networks must have proper power protection. The switches can be extremely sensitive to even the briefest of power outages. In many cases, even a line-interactive system will not transfer to battery before the switch shuts down, requiring a manual reboot. A true on-line UPS is the only way to protect against a sudden loss of operation.”

 To read more, download the Spring Arbor University case study.