Liebert Case Study - Oklahoma City School District


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Oklahoma City School District

The District’s average building age was 57 years. As such, HVAC and electrical systems were old, outdated and required adaptive solutions to support an advanced data center infrastructure. Additionally, Oklahoma City experiences high temperatures during the spring and summer months, along with greater-than-average atmospheric dust. Power surges, spikes and other aberrations also were issues of consideration.

Case Summary
Location : Oklahoma City, OK


  • Liebert Foundation Mini-Computer Room (MCR)

Critical Needs
The Oklahoma City School District faced harsh realities about its data center infrastructure. After deciding to establish a Local Area Network (LAN) between schools to bring Internet access down to the student level, challenges inherent in the year-round operation of school buildings led to the decision to protect its servers and other sensitive electronic equipment from security, power and temperature risks.


Liebert integrated cabinet solutions utilize software and Web cards that send out alarm traps to the network control center and query any UPS on the network. When service needs arise, Akins will swap a spare module with any that requires repair, thus eliminating downtime and the expense of sending equipment out of state. The Foundation MCR’s uninterruptible power component is a Liebert GXT UPS that supports District servers and enables installation of an external battery cabinet on each unit.

  To read more, download the Oklahoma City School District case study