Liebert Case Study - Hartford Hospital


Hartford Hospital

With 140 community medical centers at remote locations and a robust and expanding electronic medical records program, Hartford Hospital relies heavily on reliable IT and VoIP systems to help deliver high quality medical attention to its patients all around central Connecticut. The hospital’s data center design efforts have been successful— and noticed; Hospitals & Health Networks magazine recognized Hartford Hospital as one of its “100 Most Wired” over three years, and included the hospital in its 2009 list of the 25 “Most Wireless” hospitals and health facilities. This reliance on IT and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), especially at the 140 remote sites, helps Hartford Hospital provide top-notch care to its patients, but it also puts a premium on data center infrastructure availability.

Case Summary
Location: Hartford, Connecticut


  • Liebert GXT on-line uninterrruptible power

Other Liebert Products

  • Liebert UPStation S 5kW UPS supporting main conference area
  • Liebert SmartSwitch transfer switch supporting the majority of the emergency department, parts of Radiology and some operating rooms

Critical Need
Protect the IT and VoIP systems necessary to support electronic medical records and wireless patient data collection programs by providing reliable backup power and power conditioning to 140 remote sites.


  • Ensured IT availability and uninterrupted VoIPsupported communications through full redundancy of power systems across a regional network of physicians’ offices
  • Eliminated power problems and fluctuations that were occurring without UPS protection
  • Enabled consistent, accurate performance of critical electronics serving physicians and patients
  • Hardened the facilities to severe weather

 To read more, download the Hartford Hospital case study

“ ... The monitoring capabilities of the Liebert GXT provide the data we need without traveling from site to site for regular inspections. That’s not only a tremendous convenience, but a significant cost savings as well.”
Dave Rosicke, Network Engineer,
Hartford Hospital