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BayCare Health System

BayCare Health System operates nine hospitals in the Tampa Bay area. Like other leading health providers, its doctors and administrators require access to the latest medical information. An ongoing seven-year project to convert to electronic medical records, along with industry-wide issues such as regulatory compliance, patient privacy, digital imaging and growing clinical reliance on IT, increased BayCare’s demand for data center infrastructure capacity and performance.

Case Summary
Location: Tampa, Florida



  • Liebert Series 610, 500kVA uninterruptible power system
  • Liebert PPC stage one power distribution systems
  • Liebert FDC stage two power distribution systems
  • Liebert STS 400-Amp automatic static transfer switch
  • Liebert DS precision air conditioning units
  • Liebert SiteScan web-based critical monitoring system


Critical Needs
Design and implement a new enterprise data center to efficiently meet current requirements while scaling to support growth.


  • Increased available space and capacity to handle expected growth of 100 servers per year.
  • Enhanced system availability through full redundancy of power and cooling systems and improved monitoring.
  • Improved resource management and operating flexibility by enabling lights-out operation.
  • Reduced energy use through more efficient room arrangement, improved cable management and hot-aisle/cold-aisle design.

 To read more, download the BayCare Health System case study.

BayCare Health System is the largest full-service, community-based healthcare system in the Tampa Bay area, with 17,000 team members and a wide variety of health services. The organization is a not-for-profit partnership of three geographically defined community health alliances: Morton Plant Mease Health Care, St. Joseph’s-Baptist Health Care, and St. Anthony’s Health Care. The alliances represent a diversified, evolving, integrated delivery system incorporating a wide spectrum of inpatient, ambulatory, practice management and home care services based in the greater Tampa Bay Region.

"BayCare used the same discipline to solve its power needs. It chose multiple 500 kVA Liebert Series 610 UPS systems because of the reliability, ease of use that comes with the front panel design, and the ability to transfer and manage power as needed."
Doug Lauterbach, director of IS Imaging Services (pictured), BayCare Health System