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Transports Infrastructure

The transports sector needs secure power for all its infrastructures. The level of criticality is closely linked to passengers' safety. UPS are used in several transport infrastructure applications:

  • Air transport: One of the most important is the air traffic control system that obviously needs to be always active. Radars are also very sensitive pieces of equipment that need the appropriate power conditioning in addition to power continuity. Emergency and runway lighting have to be constantly available too. In addition, the power protection of luggage sorting systems presents a lower level of criticality, but high level of commercial impact. The protection of air traffic control systems and, in general, of all servers and control centres is best guaranteed by using a centralized UPS topology. Such topology includes a parallel redundant distributed system and a CROSS static switch to protect different loads or group of loads. Using the remote monitoring system is highly advisable in this case.


  • Railways and Metros: UPS are extremely important to ensure uninterrupted supply to different security systems. Crucial loads like Traffic control systems, Traffic lights and trackpoints must be secured by a UPS with high level of reliability. If UPS is not present and if a power loss occurs, repowering a traffic light system would take too long and create a serious issue for the safety of passengers. UPS with remote fix capability is recommended in this case, and is also suitable using the remote monitoring system. Specific solutions may be designed for particular applications, such as supplying power to the trackpoints and traffic lights by using Mains power from the train catenary.