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Tech Support FAQs

Q. What is the Avocent Care® program?
A. Avocent Care encompasses our extended warranty and integrated customer service programs. The Avocent Care program includes the Extended Standard Warranty, Extended Warranty PLUS, Extended Warranty PLUS 24, and customer service programs.

Q. What are the benefits of the Avocent Care program?
A. Extended warranty programs let customers choose the additional level of support that fits their needs. This program offers flexibility, savings and added customer service. The Avocent enhanced customer service programs include on-site support and training.

Q. What is the standard warranty?
A. The standard warranty is a FREE 24-month limited warranty carried on Avocent products. The warranty covers 100% parts and workmanship. Day 31 through 730 of the Standard Warranty units/parts can be returned for no-charge repair.

Q. What are the benefits of the Extended Warranty PLUS?
A. Next day advance replacement of units/parts. The Extended Warranty PLUS terms also cover the 24-month Standard Warranty period.

Q. What are the benefits of the Extended Warranty PLUS 24?
A. The same benefits provided by the Extended Warranty PLUS with addition of 24/7 phone-in telephone support.

Q. What is the length of the extended warranty agreements?
A. There are three lengths offered. Customers can choose either a 1-year or 2-year period.

Q. What products are eligible for an extended warranty?
A. Customers can purchase extended warranties on all current Apex, Cybex, or Avocent branded products with the exception of SwitchView and PixelVision lines. Cables and accessories are also excluded.

Q. Are there any additional benefits of the extended warranty PLUS other than 100% coverage on parts and workmanship?
A. Yes. If it is determined that it is necessary for the product to be sent in for repair, a customer can receive next-day-delivery advanced replacement of a new or refurbished unit if a technical support call is made and the RMA is issued before 2:00 p.m. CST.

Q. Is there any benefit to purchasing the extended warranty PLUS before the standard warranty is near the expiration date?
A. Yes. If an extended warranty contract has been prepaid, the contract holder will be entitled to advance replacements on the products listed on the contract even if it is still under the standard warranty coverage period.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions?
A. The Warranty Administrator, at 888-793-8763, can forward you a copy of the extended warranty terms & Conditions.

Q. Does the end user issue a purchase order to the reseller or to Avocent?
A. It is most convenient for the end user to include the extended warranty on their original purchase order to the reseller.

Q. If the product was purchased in the past how can an extended warranty be purchased?
A. Contact your reseller. If you do not know your reseller contact the Avocent Extended Warranty Coordinator. You can email warrantyinformation@avocent.com or call toll free: 888-793-8763.

Q. Does the standard warranty still apply?
A. Yes. However, the extended warranty terms also apply during the remainder of the standard warranty.

Q. When is a product eligible for extended warranty?
A. A customer may purchase an extended warranty on a product any time during the standard warranty coverage period.

Q. When the initial extended warranty expires is it possible to purchase another extended warranty contract?
A. The customer may purchase up to the longest length of time the extended warranty is offered, if the product is a current product, or before the previous extended warranty expires. For example, if a customer purchased a 2-year extended warranty and has 1 month remaining, they may purchase a new 2-year contract on the same part number/serial number if the part number is on the current price list.

Q. When does the standard warranty coverage period begin?
A. The standard warranty coverage period begins at point of purchase.

Q. In what countries is the extended warranty offered?
A. The extended warranty is a global offering. The terms and conditions vary by country to comply with differing warranty regulations and available methods for shipping.

Q. How do customers get their units replaced?
A. Submit a request through the Tech Support web site or call the Regional technical support center, phone numbers listed on the Technical Support Web Site.

Q. Will the customer receive any kind of document stating what products are covered under their warranty contract?
A. Yes. Upon order of the extended warranty, the end user will receive a warranty certificate, which will indicate the contract number, part number/serial number combination, effective date, termination date, and length of coverage in the mail.

Q. If a customer receives an advance replacement does the warranty period change for the new or refurbished product?
A. No. The serial number of the replaced unit will be changed to the replacement unit serial number on the contract and coverage will continue until the termination date of the original serial number.

Q. What if the customer doesn’t know the purchase date of the product he or she wishes to buy an extended warranty for?
A. Avocent will consider the ship date PLUS 3 months to be a reasonable date of purchase if the customer bought their product from a reseller, otherwise, if bought direct, ship date PLUS 7 days.

Q. Will the customer be billed annually for the extended warranty?

A. If the customer wants annual billing, they can choose a 1 year contract and renew annually for a total of 4 years extended warranty. The 2-year extended warranty agreements are billed in advance.

Q. In what ways is the extended warranty program being communicated to the public?

A. An extended warranty information card is included in the product packaging. A warranty program overview is provided to the Take Command resellers. The overview is also available to end users. The Avocent web site has an extended warranty information page as well as a reseller registration page.