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Emerson Network Power's line of Avocent infrastructure management technologies are at work around the world helping businesses of all sizes drive growth and competitive advantage. Find out how we've helped.

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Avocent has done a great job in making our data center environment more stable and efficient. It has given us a clear view into our environment with more secure and consistent remote access.
We considered several different options and looked closely at whether they could meet our requirements. In the end, it was an easy decision.
Aramice capitalizes on its Avocent infrastructure to homogenize access to all elements of its distributed IT system
With its data center powering the delivery of those services, Arris relies on Avocent Data Center Planner to take its data center operations to the next level.
When it established its Cardiff data center, British Telecom chose an Avocent KVM solution that would provide a more centralized way of controlling and monitoring all of the servers in thedata center.
Capgemini Relies on One-Stop Data Center Infrastructure Management with Avocent Solutions from Emerson Network Power.
With departments and services spread across the city’s 64 square miles, the IT department supports over 70 Wide Area Network (WAN) sites that are interconnected to the organization’sthree data centers.
The digital server management solution developed by Avocent meets the highest demands in the sensitive area of data protection at this bank.
The Avocent technology enables us to achieve two vital goals: out-of-band management of servers and the physical separation of the control room from the data center. These are both important in maintaining our compliance with ISO 27001 for Information Security Management from the Federal Office for Information Security.
It’s my desire to deploy this tool (Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer) to all the R&D data centers, simply because it would make it a lot easier to know at-a-glance what assets are available to the division.
We see the Avocent® environment as an insurance policy for the company, because it helps us to guarantee high levels of availability for our clients. Above all, we are absolutely sold on DSView™ [ 3 management software] and would recommend it without hesitation. Our high expectations were completely justified, because it saves so much time and effort for our staff.
Bringing in the Avocent solution makes us look very good because we can reduce costs, improve uptime and improve performance at the same time.
Allow sound editors to remotely control and switch between different audio processing workstations located in a separate machine room.
By choosing an Avocent data center management solution, DTS embraced cutting-edge technology for virtual server and remote power management technologies.
Secure and improve data center management through implementation of a lights-out environment.
Achieves Centralized Control of Multiple Data Centers
​Avocent met our needs immediately. We did our due diligence and found that Emerson was the only company capable of doing what we needed, now and for the future.
​This global Internet Service Provider standardised on Avocent® ACS Advanced Console Server technology to increase IT availability which is crucial to business continuity and reputation.
Consolidated control of the servers through the combined Avocent AMX switch and DS1800 digital switch saves Hutch premium space that would otherwise house the keyboards, monitors and mice needed to access hundreds of servers.
In addition to saving time and reducing physical travel, ITE also uses Avocent IP-based solutions to save on server rack space.
Avocent wireless technology has afforded us an enormous convenience that enables us to reduce installation time, save on wiring costs and increase the number of facilities we cansupport.
DSView 3 [software] gives us complete control of our extensive IT infrastructure, providing seamless connectivity and a central management point for both physical and virtual systems. As a result, we...have seen a significant increase in productivity across the IT department.
Physical security was an issue, with as many as 30 people traveling through the data center each day.
Avocent solutions enable the company to provide SLAs, keep costs down and at the same time expand its range of services.
Avocent specializes in high quality KVM over IP solutions designed to address various server access and control issues.
Thanks to server management technology from Avocent, the district has been able to not only add efficiencies and cut costs but also improve services to its school administrators, students and the community at large.
With the solution from Avocent, data center administrators in the MTC can perform all day-to-day server maintenance tasks in a common, management interface.
Without the DSView 3 software, our lab would simply not be viable… We no longer need to spend hours in the data center. The ease of management is absolutely critical for the effective operation of the MTC.
Avocent’s solutions allow us to manage our entire data center efficiently. We can really industrialize our startup solutions. Avocent lets us establish an implementation protocol, guaranteeing a constant, predefined level of quality in the solutions we deploy.
Where data centre management technologies are concerned, we only use Avocent. In our opinion, Avocent is by far the best and most innovative solution provider in this area, setting standards that other companies have to follow.
After evaluating many remote access management solutions, MindTree chose to invest in the Avocent remote infrastructure management solution.
Dynamic digital signage is gaining momentum in retail environments as merchants look for ways to maximize in-store real estate and increase profit margins.
"Avocent was clearly ahead of the competition in terms of taking outlet measurements, and their strips helped us open up our racks.”
We knew Avocent would give us a stable and secure remote access solution, but we were especially pleased to utilize it as an ‘all-in-one’ tool.
Avocent, as an OEM, really know their products...You get superior products and tremendous support.
Console servers from Avocent give the support team at NTT Europe Online a direct serial management connection to all of its geographically distributed data center servers and equipment.
The Avocent HMX solution has been a great asset to this part of the business–without it, our workflow would be more difficult to manage and time would be wasted moving operators between servers.
The construction of this new data center required a solution providing secure, remote access to a server across multiple sites.
We know we have huge advantages with the Avocent products. We have found that the organization, ease of use and security have been excellent.
Reduce intervention time in the data center by 20-30% with the Avocent DSView® 3 management software
While the Borough’s IT operations and data centre play ever increasing roles in the Borough’s ability to manage and provide support services, the Avocent data centre secure remote management solutions from Emerson Network Power enhances the resiliency and efficiency of those support services.
SAP has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, and with growth comes a variety of data center management challenges.
SAS deployed Avocent DSR switches and DSView 3 management software, enabling IT staff to work on the company’s 3,000 plus servers remotely, improving IT productivity, data security, and customer service.
SFR improves its test center performance using the Avocent®
MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer software solution.
Sprint needed an out-of-band management solution to support the roll out of a new social networking product, and provide redundant access to operational platforms.
Provide remote in-band and out-of-band management of data center systems in a secure, efficient and optimized manner.
The Avocent’s DSR solution has given us complete console management capabilities across the enterprise. We can now provide 24/7 support.
Symcor’s 10-member IT staff watches over 450 servers operating a mix of platforms from PC to Sun to UNIX and beyond, located in Toronto and Quebec.
As an Avocent® partner, SSI has been able to deliver data center management solutions that enable its data center customers to reduce time to provision, decrease outages, improve mean time to repair, efficiently plan and manage changes, track rack capacity and reduce the need to physically access the data center floor.
Telefonica relies on out-of-band management products by Avocent to remotely identify and address problems at its Point of Presence (POP) locations, the main access points to the Internet. 
We considered a number of KVM solutions on the market. However, the Avocent technology stood out as answering all of our needs.
The Avocent HMX system allows us to better serve our clients, gives us faster throughput throughout our facility, increases utilization of our resources, reduces our costs and overall makes us a stronger company.
With five U.S. data centers, two based in Canada and one each in Australia and the U.K., Ticketmaster utilizes hundreds of servers, Windows and several Linux systems globally.
Avocent broadcast KVM switches were selected as part of a total solution from Professional Communications Systems to simplify control of machine room computers and broadcast devices. 
I feel confident now that with the DSR [products] I have the flexibility to respond to the changing demands placed on our IT systems.
The data center team at USi has faced the challenge of scaling its data center operations to support a fast-growing global business.
Vonage required a remote, out-of-band infrastructure to access, diagnose and restore over 1,000 network and IT devices including servers from IBM®, Sun Microsystems™ and Rackable® Systems (running both Solaris™ and Linux® operating systems), as well as Cisco® Ethernet and Public Telephone Network switches.
I would rate the SwitchView IP ten out of ten. It has certainly exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend the device as an effective solution to manage multiple servers.
The Avocent AMX KVM switching solution allows broadcasters to consolidate control of their machine room computers and devices into a single-user interface.