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Access additional business information for Emerson Network Power's Avocent business, products and services.
Post production environments and broadcast machine rooms have become increasingly dependent on computers to generate andmanipulate video and audio content. Broadcasters are seeking solutions that enable them to back rack their critical computingresources and allocate them as needed.
The Avocent HMX desktop over IP system provides the ideal solution for environments where desktop administrators need to physically separate the computer from the user in the work environment.
Avocent's Asset Identification and Management Solution
Your IT staff can be in two places at once. Even three or four. Five. Six. A hundred.
Amplify studio resource sharing. Sharpen engineering staff management powers. With Avocent Broadcast Solutions.
Turn your data center from Cloud Risky to Cloud Ready.
It’s time to confront IT complexity and deal with it
Avocent's Control Room Solution
This document will explain how to add even more capabilities to the Data Center Planner software by configuring it for direct remote access to assets managed by the Avocent DSView 3 management software.
Ensure continuity and quality of care with a powerful, proven IT management platform
Tame the hungry beast (and make it work for you)
Changing the way companies run their data centers
You need a single, holistic solution that provides an allencompassing view of whatever detailed information is required to effectively manage the entire data center. Anything less will come up short. You need Avocent Data Center Planner.
Delivering Confidence through Connection