Emerson's Site Inventory


Site Inventory

Comprehensive Inventory and Inspection Services for various Sites

Concentrate on your core business objectives and allow Emerson Network Power to conduct a comprehensive site inventory and inspection. The profile quickly identifies performance issues and potential trouble spots and provides a detailed audit report. Documented results, which are multi-vendor focused, provide a baseline for the condition of your network infrastructure.  With your permission we can access your inventory site database updating your records reflecting your latest network deployment and upgrades.
  • Current, complete site awareness
  • Inventorying of your entire site
  • Detailed summary reports available online:
    • Equipment condition, model, and spec
    • Power distribution
    • Battery status 
    • Rectifier operation 
    • Floor diagram 
    • Capacity analysis
  • Inventory performed utilizing high-tech, Web-enabled database application
  • DC power
    • Rectifiers
    • Inverters
    • Distribution boards
    • Batteries
  • AC power
    • AC mains
    • Distribution panels
    • Subpanels 
    • Transformers
  • Emergency power
    • Generators
    • Transfer switch
    • Fuel tank
  • Your documentation will be updated on a periodic basis so in times of crisis you will know what you have at a site prior to dispatching crews.

NetSpan Integrated
FTTx Solutions

NetSpan Solutions provide a comprehensive range of fiber distribution hubs (FDH) and pedestals that allow you to maximize your copper network through hybrid solutions.
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