Emerson's Preventive Maintenance for Battery Capacity Testing

Preventive Maintenance: Battery Capacity Testing

Scheduled Capacity Tests for High Battery Reliability

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The key to preventing battery failures is to minimize any misuse, perform scheduled routine maintenance, and track capacity. An annual capacity test on a battery plant is recommended to obtain a high degree of reliability. Battery load tests are considered by the industry to be the most effective method of determining a battery's ability to supportits the required load for the specified time period.  
Capacity testing for -48V and +24V battery plants is performed per IEEE standards, which involves discharging each string of batteries separately utilizing a load box. The Emerson Network Power Intelligent Battery Load Tester automatically logs voltage and current measurements throughout the discharge and features 200 amps of built-in power for battery recharging.
  • Determine true battery plant capacity per IEEE standards
  • Detects sub-par battery plant performance under a controlled environment
  • Discharges batteries to a desired level without subjecting critical equipment to decreased voltage levels
  • Web access to a documented service report, including:
    • Graph voltage of each string
    • Recommendations for corrective action when necessary
    • String voltage, cell voltage, discharge current every minute of the test
  • Reassurance that your batteries are healthy or information about whether they need to be replaced or not

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